Yogasan for back pain

Nowadays the problem of back pain is very common and increasing. This problem can occur to anyone at any age. The main reason behind this is muscle tension and joint strain. Besides, excess weight gain, strong seating posture and loss of calcium in the body may occur. Some people have back pain only temporarily while some people get very upset.

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In some severe cases, medical attention may be necessary, but if your pain is less severe, you can help strengthen your back, stretching, and improve circulation of the spine and veins by adopting some yoga.

back pain - yoga course india

So let’s know about some yoga poses for back pain:

Cat-Cow Pose or Margery posture for back pain

To do the margarie posture, come to the tabletop position on your hands and knees, arching your back and rounding it, as you push the floor down from the top of your hands and your feet. This asana helps massage the spine while stretching the back and torso.

Benefits of marjari asana for back pain

Marjari posture is the easiest and comfortable stretch for the waist.

Ardhamatsyandrasana or Spinal Twist Pose is yoga for back pain

When it comes to Ardhamatsyandrasana you have many options. It is one of the basic and influential marichiasan. Keep your left leg straight and bend your right leg so that your leg stays flat. For help, place your right hand on the ground behind you and the left-hand elbow on the right knee.

Benefits of Ardhamatsyandrasana asana for back pain

Ardhamatsyandrasana turns our backbone. Usually, we do not get this type of strangulation. This draining is very beneficial for the spinal cord.

Treat back pain with Downward Dog Pose or Adho Mukha Shavasana

This is one of the reasons that Adho Mukha Shavasana is one of the most revered postures of yoga. It can rejuvenate your whole body. Get on your hands and feet and bring the body to a table position. Exhale, lift the waist up. Make your V and V upside down by strengthening your knees and elbows. The hands should be at the same distance as the shoulders. The feet should be equal to the distance of the back and parallel to each other. Press your palms to the ground and strengthen your shoulders. Take long deep breaths and remain in a state of the drooping dog. Keep your eye on the navel. Exhale, bend the knees and return to the table position.

Benefits of Adho Mukha Shavasana posture for back pain

From the lower mucosa to the neck, there is an obstruction in the entire back of the body. This posture is very beneficial for the waist.

Halasan or Plow Pose is useful for back pain

Lie straight on your back to perform the halasana. Place the arms directly on the ground next to your back. Mix the two pose. Close the eyes and leave the body loose. Now rest the elbows on the ground and support the back with both hands. In this posture, take 1-2 breaths in and out and make sure that your balance is correct. Now move both legs back. Stay in this pose for a long time as possible. And then bring the feet back slowly.

Benefits of Halasana posture for back pain

Halasana causes scarring in the upper back and neck.

Paschimotanasan or Seated Forward Fold should treat back pain

Paschimotanasana is easy to do which will not only benefit you but it can open the lower back properly and provide relief from stiffness and pain. Sit with your legs spread forward, slowly bending over the hips and hold your feet, ankles. Instead of rounding your back, continue to move your sternum forward and lengthen the torso. If it hurts your back, bend your knees as necessary.

Benefits of Paschimotanasana posture for back pain

Paschimotanasan opens the muscles of the lower back and also reduces pain and cramps. Do not do this asana for people who have a lower back injury or a slipped disc.

Benefits of Balasan for lower back pain

Balasana is not only an amazing way to comfort a child. It can also stretch your back and your hips. You can do this easy anytime. To perform Balasana, sit in Vajrasana on the ground. Now while breathing, lift both hands on the walk. While exhaling you bow down with the hips coming down. And bend until your palms hit the ground. Now take a deep long breath in and release out. Stay in this posture for as long as you can.

Benefits of Balasana Asana for back pain

Balasana is a comfortable seat for us. This asana provides comfort to the entire body along with the waist.

Garudasana to treat backache

Garudasana can help to stretch and open your entire back. Stand in Tadasana posture. Now bend your knees slightly, raise your right leg and keep your left side on your right thigh. Now balance with your toes on the floor, or hook your right leg behind your left calf. For the arms, move the right arm to the left and bring your palms together, with the elbow bent. Take a powerful stretch by pulling your elbows up and lift your hands above your face.

Benefits of Garudasana for back pain

Garudasana causes scratching in the middle part of the back, which opens the muscles of the back and ends cramping in them.

Benefits of Shalbhasan for back pain

Shalabhasana is a great way to strengthen your back and buttocks. Lie on your stomach and keep your hands in your armpits. Bring the chin slightly forward and place it on the ground. Close the eyes and leave the body loose. Now slowly raise your legs as high as possible. While lifting the legs, both should be together and make pressure on the ground with your hands. After that stay like this for 30 seconds to one minute and bring the legs down slowly.

Benefits of Shalabhasana Asana for back pain

Shalbhasan strengthens the lower back. Do this asana according to your physical ability, raise the legs as much as you can.

Dhanurasan is a treatment for back pain

Lie on your stomach to do money. Bend the ankles of both legs and hing the ankles on the hips. Now hold your ankles with your hands. Raise your thighs and chest as much as you can. Stay in this position for a while and return to the previous position.

Benefits of Dhanurasana asana for back pain

Dhanurasana is a tough asana, which brings flexibility to our bones and also strengthens them.

Trikonasana is beneficial in back pain

Stand upright to perform the triangle. Make the proper distance between your legs. Rotate your right paw by 10 degrees and your left claw by 15 degrees. Make sure your toes are pressing the ground and the bodyweight is evenly on both feet. Take a deep long breath inward and while exhaling, turn your body to the right. Now go down from the hips and keep your waist straight, raise your left hand up in the air and move the right hand down towards the ground.

Benefits of trikonasana asana for back pain

Trikonasana brings relief to the muscles of the waist side and also ends pain, weakness and cramps.


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