A yoga instructor course recently appeared in your head?

A yoga instructor course recently appeared in your head? Probably after a few years of practising yoga, you find that this is something you want to do. So you start looking for information on this topic.

A solid and long-lasting own practice is the basis for thinking about a teacher’s course. And what next? Which course should you choose? Can you make it online? Or maybe you have to go to college? Or maybe you even have to start putting off a ticket to India…

In this article, we will dispel all doubts. In addition, we asked several well-known yoga teachers about their path to becoming an instructor.

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Who is a yoga instructor? A bit of law…

Until 2010, to become a physical recreation instructor, you had to graduate from the University of Physical Education with a specialization in instructors or finish an instructor course and pass a state exam.

The new act on the sport of law meant that activity in the field of physical recreation ceased to be subject to statutory regulations – we do not need to have any state rights.

There is no such thing as a yoga instructor profession.

Rishikesh entitlement to conduct classes in any form of the most generally named physical culture (sport, physical recreation) is the possession of the physical recreation instructor.

In a word, you must complete a vocational course.

how to become a certified yoga teacher

Do you have to go to university to become a yoga teacher?

You don’t have to go to university for this.

Some teachers discover their passion and begin their yoga specialization while studying physical education or physiotherapy.

This was the case of Adam, YTTI Rishikesh’s yoga teacher, who studied at the Academy of Physical Education in the field of Psychosomatic Yoga Practice and did a teaching course at the YTTI Rishikesh.

Can I do an online yoga teacher’s course?


The general part alone does not give any rights to conduct classes. It is necessary to complete the specialist part in the chosen discipline.

Don’t be misled by online courses offered at low prices of USD 129 per course…

Yoga instructor course: what are the requirements?

The future yoga teacher should finish at least 200 hours of course.

Mysterious RYT and FIG…

What is the difference between RYT and FIG?

RYS = Registered Yoga School (with Yoga Alliance )
RYT = Registered Yoga Teacher (with Yoga Alliance )

FIG can be 200, 300 or 500 hours

The rite can be 200 or 500

For example, 200 h RYS + 300 h RYS = 500 RYT

Yoga instructor course: which one to choose?

It’s best to choose teacher courses or schools accredited by the Yoga Alliance, because this organization standardizes teaching, i.e. has specific requirements regarding the quality of teaching, the number of hours, the program.

Thanks to this, we are sure that the course will provide us with solid preparation for teaching yoga.

Yoga Alliance gives international qualifications recognized by all countries, which is especially important for people who associate their future with teaching outside Rishikesh.

how to become a certified yoga teacher

Here you can find a list of schools registered in the Yoga Alliance system.

Yoga teacher course in Rishikesh: YTTI Rishikesh

One of the courses for a yoga teacher in Rishikesh is run by a yoga teacher Basia Lipska-Larsen.

The course is designed for people who regularly practice yoga (attend classes) for a minimum of one year.

As RYS (Registered Yoga School) under the Yoga Alliance, this course meets the requirements of the 200h Program, including all Educational Categories designated by the Yoga Alliance and prepares you to teach yoga.

The requirements that a well-known yoga teacher sets for her students are:

  • practising for a minimum of 5 hours a week. Observe your practice and its length (20 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes) and record your observations in a diary for the duration of the course.
  • observing at least 4 Vinyasa / Flow classes. Record your observations because you may be asked to share them with the group. (This is only observing classes – without assistance, correction or participation in class)
  • Reading books:
    – Ashtanga Yoga without secrets, Matthew Sweeney
    – Patanjali Yoga Classics (Classical Indian Yoga)
    – Bhagavadgita in the National Library

The course takes place every year at the turn of autumn and winter.

What is the difference when it comes to Iyengar’s yoga teacher’s training, ashtanga yoga or kundalini yoga?

A yoga teacher must confirm his knowledge with an appropriate certificate.

In the case of Iyengar yoga, the certification system is extremely clear and has certain names of levels of advancement, so you immediately know at what level a person is.

Verification of knowledge in kundalini yoga can be a bit more difficult, but here it is also to be checked.

Let’s not be afraid to ask for diplomas, titles and courses. After all, the more someone has such, the greater the chance that we will not find a layman after two yoga workshops.

The rank of the institution issuing the diploma is also important.

Of course, this does not mean that certificates from other institutes will not matter, but YTTI Rishikesh is by far the most prestigious. They can certify the teacher’s high professional level. One thing is certain – the path to being a yoga teacher is not easy and short.

how to become a certified yoga teacher

Do you have to go to India to do a yoga teacher’s course?

Yes, it will help a lot.

Many yoga teachers go to India, but this is dictated by their passion.

Yoga instructor course

Tips for future teachers and responsibilities arising from being a teacher

  • Be humble with your skills and shortcomings
  • Admit it when you don’t know something
  • Be a real, vivid example of the teachings he shares with students
  • Take an empathic attitude
  • Do not put students in uncomfortable situations in which they are exposed to criticism and assessment by the group
  • Prepare before class (have a framework plan, what will we work with)
  • Respond to the well-being, skills, level of the group, which means that sometimes you have to change the completely planned program of classes
  • Keep learning and broadening your perspective
  • Listen
  • Encourage
  • Be gentle but demanding

Stories of a yoga teacher: what was your path to becoming a yoga teacher?

Magda Bałdys

Magdalena Bałdys, instructor of physical recreation with a specialization in hatha yoga. He is also certified by Yin Yoga TTC

To prepare myself well, I went to classes almost every day and did a teacher’s course with YTTI.

After a few years of being a student and learning, going to workshops and refresher courses, I expanded my teaching competence with an international yin yoga diploma (TTC course). “

Olga Kuriata

Olga Kuriata, a certified yoga teacher in the Yoga Alliance standard as RYT 500

“I began my adventure with teaching others by dancing and fitness, however, yoga became my personal favourite form of movement. That is why I started education in this field because I knew that I wanted to bind my future with yoga and become a professional teacher.

At that time, no one in Rishikesh organized 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga courses and this has always been my beloved style.

In addition, I wanted an organization diploma that would be recognizable all over the world and its standards were high.

I had to wait a few years for such a diploma.

In retrospect, I can say that it is worth investing in good training from the very beginning. Although the high cost of the course can be discouraging, the enormity of knowledge in methodology, anatomy, asana, pranayama and philosophy is the absolute minimum that a young teacher should possess.

Today, when I am a trainer in teacher training courses, the most important thing is to teach students to teach.

Own practice is not the most important thing is the ability to teach classes, how to sequence. The instructor should know the anatomy of the body and the purpose of asanas well.

how to become a certified yoga teacher

For me, first of all, it’s a profession with a mission. You must feel the need to help others.

Problem-solving is a priority because that’s why they come to yoga studio. Their backs hurt, they are cramped and neurotic. The yoga teacher’s task is to consciously guide the student so as to help him.

One thing to remember is that a 200-hour yoga course is just the beginning of education. The need for further training increases with experience. It is a profession in which self-development never ends.


Natalia, a certified yoga teacher in the Yoga Alliance standard as RYT 500

“It seems to me that my decision to become a teacher was made in the first class I went to. I think I was already unknowingly aware that it was something for me. Sometimes in life, it is just that something happens and you immediately know that it is THIS.

I don’t have a good memory for dates, but I think I was in the first class about 10 years ago. About 3-4 years later, I took my first step towards teaching – I enrolled in an instructor course. It was a time when I was still a student and enrolling in a teacher training course was far beyond my budget.

But everything came with time and today I think it was the most appropriate time.

I started work and I could already afford a real teacher training course. I did it in the beautiful Rishikesh mountains in the system of weekly conventions. Then came the first trip to India, which I fell in love with without memory. Therefore, I decided on another trip and yet another…

During the latter, I decided to continue my education and finish the TTC 300 hr course. So I am currently an RYT 500 teacher according to the Yoga Alliance standards. I wrote more about this certification and the path to becoming a teacher on my blog. “

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