Yoga for Stomach Gas

Nowadays gas is one of the people’s everyday troubles, but excessive gas can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Fortunately, yoga has saved you from these troubles. Much specific yoga poses help to remove gas and bloating from your digestive system.

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So let’s tell you five such yogas that will make your stomach gas go away.

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Pawanmuktasan to remove stomach gas

This mudra is specially designed to remove the gas trapped in the digestive system. By doing this asana, the pressure is placed on your stomach and it is easier for the gas to drain.

How to – Lie on your back and join your legs together. Bring the right knee near your right chest and press it on the stomach while holding the knee with your hands. Keep in mind that your shoulders should touch the floor. Take a long deep breath again and do the same procedure on your left side while exiting. After doing both the processes in the same position, finally, bring the knees of both the legs together near the chest and create pressure on the chest. Leaving the body, take a deep breath from the stomach and relax.

Supta Matsyandrasana is the solution to remove gas

In this posture, you take a deep breath while turning the torso, due to which pressure is created on your intestines and a kind of massage is done. Doing this yoga does not make gas in your stomach.

How to do – Lie flat on the ground with your back. Now spread both your hands in both the shoulders. Bend the right leg with the knee and lift it upwards. Place the right leg on the left knee. Now while exhaling, raise your right hip, turn the back to the left side and let the right knee go down. While doing this process, both hands should remain on the ground. Try to keep the right knee completely on the left side of the body. Turn the head to the right. Now you are in the posture of SUpta Matsyendrasana. Now take a deep breath and let go, then do this process again on the left side.

Remove stomach gas from Ananda Balasan

By the name of this asana, you must have got an indication of how happy this asana can give you when you get rid of stomach gas.

How to do – First lie down on your back. Now release the breath and bring the knees closer to the stomach. Now take a deep breath and hold the soles of the feet with your hands. Slowly move it upwards and make a distance between the knees. Now pull the feet slightly with hands, due to which the pressure will build up in your muscles and it will be easy to release the gas. Now slowly straighten back and relax.

Marjariasana Help ease stomach gas

If you want to treat your stomach gas from the root, then this asana is very beneficial for you.

How to: Sit on your knees first. Taking your body forward, make the palms stick to the ground. Taking a deep breath, tilt the stomach towards your ground and lift the hips upwards. Hold the body in this state for a while. Now while exhaling, reverse this process. Move the neck down and tilt the hips. Repeat this process again and again.

Vajrasana is a way to reduce stomach gas

By doing Vajrasana your digestive power is good and it is impossible to create any kind of gas or burning sensation.

How to do – first sit down and straighten the legs. Now keep both your feet one by one under the hips. Mix the rings of the two legs and keep a distance between the heels. Put the entire weight of the body on your feet. Now comfortably place both your hands on the thighs. Keep the waist very straight. Remain in this state for ten minutes and take long breaths.