Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India

200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India experiences a remarkable, thrilling extraordinary involvement with the establishment 200 hour yoga teacher training Course in Rishikesh start your yoga venture with clearness and vision to help up oneself. Let us set you up with antiquated lessons and methods so you can come up as a practised

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India, YTTI Rishikesh

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India YTTI Rishikesh For those, open to the concealed elements of life and its secrets, YTTI Rishikesh offers 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in India at Rishikesh. This 200hrs YTT course has all the instruments for hopeful Yoga Teachers to build up a strong establishment to have the

Yoga for Depression

Yoga for depression Depression is a psychosomatic disorder that depends on the entire physical and mental structure. Depression has an effect on the nervous system, the endocrine glands network, the body’s muscular system, sleep patterns, and appetite. A recent study has shown that 2 to 4% of Americans require medical treatment for depression every year,

Learn Yoga for Sinus

In Western medicine, sinusitis is considered to be the result of allergies. How yoga is beneficial for sinus Yoga provides relief not only from sinusitis but also from problems caused by it, such as migraine and blocked nose. Apart from this, yoga relaxes the muscles of the lower part of the nose which are swollen

Yogasan for Back Pain

Yogasan for back pain Nowadays the problem of back pain is very common and increasing. This problem can occur to anyone at any age. The main reason behind this is muscle tension and joint strain. Besides, excess weight gain, strong seating posture and loss of calcium in the body may occur. Some people have back

Adopt yoga, get relief from joint pain

Adopt yoga, get relief from joint pain Are you troubled by joint pain? Do you have pain in your knees, shoulders or wrists while handling the normal work of your daily life? Are you deprived of the pleasure of living the life you want due to these joint pains (joint pain)? Are you fed up of

Anulom Vilom Pranayama Steps and Benefits

Anulom Vilom Pranayama method and benefits ‘Pranayama’ is a Sanskrit word derived from the ‘prana’ means breath and ‘Ayam’ means ‘take and drop’. This whole word means to breathe and leave. Breathing and exhaling through the nose is not the only pranayama but it is the source of controlling prana or life force. Pranayama is

Shunya, Agni, Varun Mudra Steps and Benefits

Shunya Mudra method and benefits Shunya means sky. Our middle finger belongs to the sky. By doing this yoga pose, there is balance in the elements of our body. Shunya Mudra posture enhances our hearing. Performing this mudra gives immense peace and relaxation to the mind. This mudra is also known as ‘Mudra for Heaven’.

Apan Vayu mudra and Prana Mudra Steps and Benefits

Method and benefits of doing Apan Vayu mudra Apan Vayu Mudra strengthens your heart so that the heart pumps well. By doing this mudra regularly, one gets relief from stomach gas problem. Apan Vayu Mudra is also known as ‘Dead Sanjeevani Mudra’. This currency also protects the person from cardiac arrest. Performing Apan Vayu mudra

Method and benefits of performing Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama is named after a bee named Bhramari because, in this pranayama, the sound of exhaling sounds as if it is the sound of a bee. This pranayama is very capable of calming a person’s mind. By practising Bhramari Pranayama, you will definitely get relief from anger, anxiety and disappointment. You can do this

Kapalbhati Pranayam steps and benefits

Kapalabhati is not a proper pranayama technique but is one of the six kriyas (sat kriya) that are contemplated in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Kriyas are techniques for cleansing and purifying the body. In this case, it is a technique of cleaning the airways. Master Desikachar used to call her fast detox or fast detox.

Ayurveda and Yoga: the sister sciences

Ayurveda and Yoga: the sister sciences The Ayurvedic therapist, explains in this article the relationship between Ayurveda and yoga, and why they are considered sister sciences? AYURVEDA AND YOGA: THE INSEPARABLE SISTERS Years ago, Yoga arrived in the West and came to stay. And today there are many people who practice it and enjoy its

Yoga in the morning or evening – which practice is best for you?

Yoga in the morning or evening - which practice is best for you? You are just starting your adventure with yoga and wondering what time of day the exercises will be the most effective? Or maybe you have been practising for a long time, but you do not pay too much attention to sticking to

Method and benefits of doing Bakasan yoga or Crow Pose

Method and benefits of doing Bakasan yoga or Crow Pose     Bakasan yoga or crow asana is an asana that is considered the Asian symbol of prosperity and youthfulness. People of China consider this asana as a symbol of longevity. This asana is equally beneficial for both men and women, but it plays an

Complete information about Dhanurasan or Bow Pose

Check Complete information about Dhanurasan or The Bow Pose   When performing Dhanurasana, the body is visible like a "bow" shape. Hence this posture is called Dhanurasana. This asana is very beneficial for the waist and spinal cord. Performing Dhanurasana exercises the muscles of the entire body from neck to back and lower back. If

Bhujangasana Yoga: Method and Benefits of Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana Yoga or Cobra Pose: Method and Benefits   The word "Bhujang" is derived from the Sanskrit language. Bhujang means snake, so Bhujang-asana is also called "serpent posture". Bhujangasana is called Cobra Pose in English. Of all the asanas, Bhujang asana is the famous asana. It is very effective for back pain patients. Book Yoga

Nature of Hatha Yoga Described

Description of the nature of Hatha Yoga   With regular practice of Hatha Yoga, you can get your lost health and mental peace. By revealing the secret powers of the soul, you can increase your willpower and can achieve success in all spheres of life and occupy the peak of self-realization. Book TTC: Yoga Teacher

Amazing Benefits of Bhringraj with Uses and Side effects

Bhringraj is a beneficial medicinal plant which is used to treat many types of diseases occurring inside or outside the body. Ayurveda physicians often recommend the use of beetroot to the patient for many stomach ailments, including hair fall, hair growth, liver, kidney, to prevent hair fall. Read More: YTT India   In India, Bhringraj

Hatha Yoga | What is Hatha Yoga?

What is Hatha Yoga? Hatha Yoga is the oldest system in the world for physical and mental development which has been practised by yogis of India for centuries. It is a unique method of psychological exercises. The postures of Hatha Yoga are propounded with mental tranquillity, physical balance, and divine influence. Book: Yoga Teacher Training