The word ‘pulse’ means ‘pathway’ or ‘flow of power’ and ‘refinement’, ‘purifying’. Nadi shodhana means the practice that purification of the pulse. Nadi shodhana (Pulse Refinement) is effective pranayama that keeps the brain, body and emotions right. Before you start meditation exercises you can practice this pranayama to soothe the brain. Pulse refinement pranayama relieves anxiety, stress or insomnia problem.

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This article explains the benefits of Nadi shodhana (pulse purification) pranayama and how to do it.


How to perform Nadi shodhana (pulse purification) pranayama

How to do Nadi shodhana (pulse purification) pranayama here we are explaining in detail, read it carefully:

  • Bring the fingers of the right hand in front of the mouth. Gently place the forefinger and middle finger in the middle of the forehead. Do not put pressure on both fingers, keep the fingers comfortably.
  • The thumb was above the right nasal hole and the Anamika was above the left nasal hole. Both of them (thumb and Anamika) alternately control their breathing flow by pressing the nasals. First, press one nasal hole and breathe with the other and then repeat the same process from the other nasal hole.
  • Turn the finger comfortably inside.
  • Support the left hand to the elbow to practice for a long time. But keep in mind that your chest should not be bent while supporting.
  • Do this exercise for 30 minutes.

Benefits of Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

The advantages of Nadi Shodhana pranayama are as follows:

  • Pulse treatment gives oxygen to the whole body in the right amount.
  • The toxic substances emerge out of this Pranayam and the blood is purified.
  • The brain’s ability to function increases.
  • It also brings peace, clarity in thought and concentration. Those who have mental problems should practise this pranayama.
  • It increases energy in the body and reduces stress and anxiety.

What precautions should be taken to perform Nadi shodhana (pulse purification) pranayama

When sunrise occurs, one nasal hole runs more and when sunset occurs, the effect of the other nasal is high. Therefore, it is not considered advisable to change the breathing flow at this time. Do not put too much emphasis on breathing and leaving in any way. Never breathe with the mouth. The practice should be carefully and in the guidance of the trainer. If you have any kind of problem, reduce the time of this pranayama or do not practice on that day. Never hurry while treating pulse.


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