The method and benefits of shalabhasana or Locust Pose


Salabhasana is a cross of yoga. In this article, you will learn about how to do Shalabhasan and the benefits of Shalabhasan and the benefits of Shalabhasan. Yoga has been practised since ancient times, and it is still very popular today, by practising yoga regularly, the body remains healthy and large illnesses can be avoided. There are many postures of yoga, out of which Shalabhasana is a major posture; by this posture, our muscles are strengthened, and problems like back pain can be overcome. Come, let us know about the way of doing Shalabhasana and its benefits.

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Salabhasana Yoga or Locust Pose



What is shalabhasan or Locust Pose?


Shalabhasana is the Sanskrit language which is made up of two words, in which the first word “Shalabh” means “grasshopper or locust” and the second word Asana means “mudra”, meaning Shalbhasan means grasshopper. To have money. This posture is called “Grasshopper Pose” in English. This makes your spine strong. It comes under the category of Hatha Yoga. This pose can be easy to see, but you may have some difficulty in doing it. Let us know in detail the method of Shalabhasana and its benefits.


Way to do shalabhasan or Locust Pose?


Performing Shalabhasana can be a bit difficult for those who are just beginning yoga, but it can be easily learned from its regular practice, those people can resort to their hands in the beginning. Below we are telling you some steps which you can easily do by following Shalabhasan-

  • To perform Shalabhasana, first of all, you lie on your stomach on the opposite side of the mat spread on a clean place, that is, your back should be upwards, and your stomach will be down on the ground.
  • Keep both your legs straight and your toes straight and upward.
  • Straighten both your hands and press them under the thighs, that is, press your right hand under the right thigh and the left hand under the left thigh.
  • Keep your head and mouth straight.
  • Then keep yourself normal and take a deep breath inwards.
  • Try to raise both your legs upwards, as much as you can and raise the legs up to your maximum height.
  • If you are new to yoga practice, then you can take the support of your hands to elevate the feet, for this, you can raise your feet with your two hands on the ground.
  • You should try to stay in this posture for at least 20 seconds; you can do more according to your ability.
  • After this, slowly lower your legs while exhaling.
  • And return to its initial position.
  • Repeat this exercise 3-4 times.


Benefits of Shalabhasan or Locust Pose


Benefits of Shalabhasan to reduce weight


Salabhasana Yoga or Locust Pose weight loss


Shalabhasan is considered to be a good yoga pose for reducing weight, it helps in eliminating fat in our body, and it also corrects the metabolic activity.

Benefits of Shalabhasana to strengthen muscles


Salabhasana Yoga or Locust Pose strong muscles


Shalbhasan is a good posture for strengthening the muscles of our body, it strengthens the hands, thighs, legs and calf of our body, with this it reduces the fat of the stomach and makes it beautiful. Shalabhasan is a good yoga for strengthening the spine.

Shalbhasan benefits to correct the menstrual problem


Salabhasana Yoga or Locust Pose menstrual problems


Shalbhasan is a good yoga pose to correct menstrual problems in women; it leads menstruation to normal cycle. It strengthens the reproductive system of women and the ability of the uterus.

Benefits of Shalbhasan cure diseases


Salabhasana Yoga or Locust Pose cure disease


Many types of diseases can be cured with Shalbhasan; it cures the digestive system of our stomach, which does not cause stomach related diseases, with it cures constipation, balances the acid and alkali in the body. It helps in improving urinary disorders and cures diseases of the spine.

Benefits of Shalabhasan for a healthy body

Our whole body remains healthy with Shalbhasan, this mudra activates the whole body, stimulates the internal organs and increases the circulation of blood in our body, by doing Shalabhasana Yoga, diseases are kept away from you.


Things to keep in mind before doing Shalabhasan or Locust Pose


Salabhasana Yoga or Locust Pose precaution



  • We should do this muda only after having a bowel movement in the morning.
  • To do this posture, we should wear loose clothes.
  • It should be done slowly, do not practice it on your own.
  • We should do yoga in a place where there are good and fresh air.


What precautions should be taken in doing Shalabhasana or Locust Pose?


Shalbhasana mudra has many benefits, but before doing it, it is necessary to know its precautions, let us know which precautions to keep while performing this mudra.

  • We should not eat food before doing Asana.
  • Do not do this yoga if you are troubled by headache, neck pain, and spine pain.
  • Pregnant women should not do this pose.
  • If you are suffering from back pain, back pain and knee pain, do this posture with the advice of a doctor.
  • While doing the asana, we should not breathe through the mouth, only breathe through the nose.


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