Yoga is one – for women and men. It can improve our health, contact with our own body, alleviate or cure ailments – especially those depending on gender. Yogi encourages yoga for men, we encourage you too. Dear Lord, take men for yoga. Yoga is a wise and healthy choice.

Ladies, who love your men and want to take care of them – the matter is simple: send them to yoga because yoga is a godsend for them from many ailments.

Lament. Among many men (most!), there is the conviction that yoga is perplexed contortions on a pink mat, chanting lotus mantras, etc. No “self-respecting guy” will participate in such womanish antics. Oh, the last bastion of macho culture tremble, for your end is near!

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In class roughly 95 per cent of those exercising are women. In yoga school graphics, we have permanent classes during pregnancy and menstruation, there are extensive position studies for each stage of the cycle, the great book Lois Steinberg “Yoga Practice for Women.” Has recently been published. We know how to exercise to relieve menopausal symptoms, etc…. We take handfuls of these benefits. Great!

Men's Yoga is a wise and healthy choice YTTI Rishikesh


What about gentlemen? Since they don’t exercise as much as women do, are they not affected by various age-related and gender-specific ailments? And problems with the heart, lumbar and sacral pain, stiff hips and shoulders (stiff so susceptible to injury), prostate hypertrophy? But let’s not spoil our mood with this black litany, that’s not what I mean here – we’ll come back to it later. The thing is, they still don’t want to change much.

So most often, when it is no longer possible to deny that there is a problem, the way out is drug therapy, which, after all, is not indifferent to the body, because it burdens it additionally. The cause of the ailment continues until finally, the surgery becomes the final solution, and that does not remove the source of the problem. And yet there is one more way – a way that will reach the roots of the disease, and perhaps even prevent it, and if not, it will certainly ease the course. And without side effects. Let’s look at the problems from the solution side, i.e.


Of course, who practices, knows that the male (mostly!) Idea of ​​yoga is nothing to do with reality. Asanas, after all, require an iron discipline of mind and body to tear us away from everything that stands in the way of a sense of power and heart worthy of a true warrior. These exercises without mercy will show any illusion or excuse, reach the deepest layers of your abilities – they are like a strict trainer, whom you also love because you know that his severity is due to great faith in you, and thanks to him you win. Does this comparison appeal to men’s hearts? And now let’s return to what may be an ailment, if not an ailment, to our beloved men.

Men's Yoga is a wise and healthy choice YTTI Rishikesh

Most problems appear after the age of 40, but younger and younger men are starting to complain about lower back pain. It is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, longer time spent in front of the computer and in the car and of course with stress. Yoga relieves pain in the lumbar and sacral region, relaxes the muscles of the lower back, stretches and strengthens them. It brings relief in ailments such as sciatica, lumbar hernia and discopathy (then practice necessarily under the guidance of an experienced teacher).

Around 50 years old, due to reduced androgen production, a man enters an andropause period. After the 50th birthday, prostate hyperplasia affects more than half of men. Ailments associated with this are frequent and painful urination and sexual dysfunction. Yoga, by improving blood flow and reducing tension in the muscles of the perineum, helps with prostate disease. Let’s remember that flexible and strong muscles of the perineum and pelvic floor are much more pleasure from sex!

Another typical male ailment is associated with the heart, and its causes are most often – stressful lifestyle and improper diet. This is, of course, chest pain and heart attack, which is caused by coronary artery disease. Studies have shown that yoga reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, and makes the arteries more flexible. It also works on the source of the problem – it permanently releases stress by teaching you how to deal with them. Restores a deep breath, strengthens the heart. It improves circulation, removes toxins from the blood.

Improper diet and lack of exercise also lead to abdominal obesity, which is common in middle-aged men, which in turn is the cause of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. And here yoga is also helpful, because it will not only help restore normal weight, but also change habits, and this is her greatest strength. It builds awareness and sensitivity, thanks to which it becomes possible to give up harmful eating habits and more.

And let us live happily ever after…

These are just some of the “middle ages” men. Yoga is beneficial for all these ills. In fact, yoga practice gives a lot more, but if someone came just for that, I am sure that he will be given. Let it finally come and not for a wife’s gift pass!

Men's Yoga is a wise and healthy choice YTTI Rishikesh

We care for our men and their delicate nature, which they prefer not to notice. We remind you about diet and research. And now I appeal to you in the name of love: girls, bring your men for yoga. Let us infect them with this practice and now, the sooner the better. Let them remain healthy and strong as long as possible so that we can enjoy them and a common appetite for life.


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