What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is the oldest system in the world for physical and mental development which has been practised by yogis of India for centuries. It is a unique method of psychological exercises.

The postures of Hatha Yoga are propounded with mental tranquillity, physical balance, and divine influence.

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This makes the spinal cord flexible and increases the health of the nervous system. With the Yogasanas, the origin of nerves is nourished by the inner soul. Therefore, Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is different from other exercises. With regular practice of Hatha Yoga, you can get your lost health and mental peace.

By revealing the secret powers of the soul, you can increase your willpower and can achieve success in all spheres of life and can occupy the peak of self-realization. Wonderful psychodynamic exercise system.

Hatha yoga is a means for accomplishing all other higher yoga-like Karmayoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Jnana Yoga. The mind and body are the basis of all human efforts (spiritual and physical).


Meaning of Hatha Yoga

The word ‘Hatha’ is composed of two mysterious and symbolic letters ‘ha’ and ‘th.’ ‘H’ means ‘Sun’ and ‘Th’ means ‘Chandra.’ Yoga means the combination or integration of these two.

Hatha Yoga is the medium for integration and connection of Sun and Moon. Prana (the main biographical power) is the Sun.



Through the heart, it becomes active and performs the function of respiratory and blood circulation. Apan – is the moon which is the microbiological power that presents the work of excretion and removal of impurities from the body.

The sun and the moon (ha and th) symbolize the two poles of the human body. The mutual harmony of these two biographical powers is necessary for maintaining all the activities and activities of life. These represent the universal power acting through the human body.

Prana (biographical power) located in the human heart controls the motion of the planet, constellation, sun-moon and is expressed in the powers of wind, electricity, magnetism, light, heat, radio-waves, etc.

Open the door to the infinite treasure of life with the key of Hatha Yoga and fill your life with strength, courage, peace, opulence, and perfection. Nothing is impossible in this world. Let the new life and power vibrate in your nerves and blood vessels.

Hatha Yoga is a beautiful tool to establish universal peace and world love because world peace depends on personal peace. As long as all efforts to establish personal peace by removing the dark cloud of work and infinite desires will prove fruitless.

Determine to start the practice of Hatha Yoga from today and experience its various benefits yourself. May all of you receive divine blessings for stunning health, success, peace, prosperity, and immortality.





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