Complete knowledge about Ayurveda You should know

Ayurveda means “science of life”. It is one such holistic system of health which has been followed since ancient times. According to Ayurveda, health is not the only liberation from diseases or diseases, but it is a state of physical, mental and spiritual balance. Acharya Sushruta, the ancient sage of Ayurveda, defined a healthy person.

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Ayurveda and Yoga: the sister sciences

Ayurveda and Yoga: the sister sciences The Ayurvedic therapist, explains in this article the relationship between Ayurveda and yoga, and why they are considered sister sciences? AYURVEDA AND YOGA: THE INSEPARABLE SISTERS Years ago, Yoga arrived in the West and came to stay. And today there are many people who practice it and enjoy its

Learn the best qualities of a Parsley that looks like coriander

Learn the best qualities of a Parsley that looks like coriander Parsley, which looks like coriander, is an exotic herb, which is being used to some extent in Indian kitchens. Parsley is used to enhancing the taste of Middle Eastern, European, and American cuisine. Parsley is very beneficial for health as it contains many vitamins

Amazing Benefits of Bhringraj with Uses and Side effects

Bhringraj is a beneficial medicinal plant which is used to treat many types of diseases occurring inside or outside the body. Ayurveda physicians often recommend the use of beetroot to the patient for many stomach ailments, including hair fall, hair growth, liver, kidney, to prevent hair fall. Read More: YTT India   In India, Bhringraj

Brahmi or Bacopa Monnieri – Himalaya Ayurveda Herb Detail and Benefits

Brahmi or Bacopa Monnieri are same Ayurveda Herb found in wet or moist places in all parts of India. These herbs grow on borders of water sources or channels such as in irrigated fields, wells etc. In India, local people call this herb by name Brahmi while the scientific name of the plant is

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