Brahmi or Bacopa Monnieri are same Ayurveda Herb found in wet or moist places in all parts of India. These herbs grow on borders of water sources or channels such as in irrigated fields, wells etc. In India, local people call this herb by name Brahmi while the scientific name of the plant is bacopa monnieri. It is also known by many different names based on the location.

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How to identify brahmi or bacopa monnieri ayurveda herb?

Brahmi herb spreads on ground with its small thick fleshy leaves and stems adapted to storing water. Flowers of Brahmi are normally small with four to five petals. Its root grow on the stem nodes also. Among its five sepals, one of them is larger than remaining with corolla bluish-white in colour of about 1 cm across. Brahmi root also grow on the stem nodes.

What are the different names of Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri?

Brahmi is known by many different names based on its growth origin and different languages.
In hindi we call it Brahmi or Safed Chamni. Gujrati people call it Jalbrahmi or Jalnevri. Malyalam cals it Barna or Nirbrahmi. Nirubrahmi in kannada. Saumyalata in Sanskrit. Sambra ne akhlu in Telugu. Neerpirami or sambrani elai in Tamil. English name of Brahmi is Thyme leaved Gratiola.

Brahmi or Bacopa Monnieri

Brahmi ( Bacopa Monnieri )

What are the benefits of Brahmi or Bacopa Monnieri?

Brahmi herb used as a drug consist of the whole plant. It is very important herb in Ayurveda treatment and it have many incredible benefits like:

  • It is very useful tonic in nervous disorder and widely prescribed as a tonic for nerves help to treat disorder accomplished by unconciousness.
  • Brahmi is used in the treatment of mental diseases.
  • Constipation is cured with the use of this incredible herb.
  • Helps in diuretic to promote urination.
  • Brahmi leaf juice is given to infants to treat bronchitis.
  • Getting relief by vomiting and purging by the herb.
  • In Rheumatism teh leaf juice is mixed with petrol and applied for treatment.
  • Able to treat children suffering from cough by placing boiling poultice filled of boiled plant on chest.
  • Brahmi also help in blood purification.
  • It has been successfully tested for the tranquilising effect on animals with the alcoholic extrat of plant.
  • Brahmi contains alkaloid bramhine helps in strengthening and toning of heart.

Note: In 2019, FDA warned companied making use of Brahmi and making false or unproven claims for the treatment of various diseases with its use in their food or dietary supplements.

Where we can find brahmi by location?

Brahmi herb is widely found on the wet areas of east and south India, Europe, Afric, Australia, South and North America and many more locations having wet land. Because it grows on the sides of water surface.

What are the reported side effects of Brahmi or Bacopa Monnieri?

People who used it reported symptoms of nausea, stomach upset or increased intestinal activity.

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