Bhujangasana Yoga or Cobra Pose: Method and Benefits


The word “Bhujang” is derived from the Sanskrit language. Bhujang means snake, so Bhujang-asana is also called “serpent posture”. Bhujangasana is called Cobra Pose in English. Of all the asanas, Bhujang asana is the famous asana. It is very effective for back pain patients.

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In Suryanamaskar, which is called the complete exercise, Bhujangasana comes in the seventh order. By doing this beneficial posture every day, the shoulders, hands, elbows, back, kidneys, and liver get strength and get rid of many diseases.


bhujangasana-yoga-pose or Cobra Pose



How to do Bhujang Asanas or Cobra Pose


  • To do Bhujang posture, first choose a clean and clean airy place. After that, lie down on the stomach by laying posture (mat).
  • Then lengthen and spread both the corners well. And apply chin on the ground. With both elbows attached to the ribs on both sides, place the palms of both hands on the ground. (Note- Remember that the claws of your hands should be straight and should be on the ground, and both elbows should be straight and curved).
  • While doing Bhujang Asanas, take special care that the claws of both hands should always be placed just below both the shoulders (on the ground).
  • Now attach your head to the ground. And then close both your eyes and fill the breath inside the body and slowly raise the chin, then raise the neck up towards the sky. Then raise your chest slowly. And then lift your stomach part slowly up.
  • Now forward, while moving the neck upwards, the back is to bend backwards (like a command). To get up, apply force on the body, apply as little force as possible on the hands. Keep in mind that by applying the forelimbs of both legs on the ground, try to elevate the anterior part of the body at normal speed.
  • After coming in this posture of Bhujang Asana, open both your eyes and keep the breathing speed normal (breath in and out at normal speed). And for the first time, maintain this posture from twenty seconds to thirty seconds. Then start moving the body upward.
  • Initially, after returning to the posture from which you started the posture by lying on your stomach, rest your posture by holding your head on both hands or applying your head from the ground, as long as the Bhujang posture has taken place.
  • After doing Bhujangasana, fatigue should be eradicated by doing the breathing.





Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose: How much time you should practice?


  • Bhujang asana should be done up to three times in the beginning. (Ie a set of twenty seconds to thirty seconds and three such sets) After the practice is increased, gradually it can be increased to five, seven, eleven or twenty-one times.
  • The Bhujang Asana Mudra should stop for a maximum of twenty to thirty seconds, after that the land should be moved again, this time limit can be extended with practice, but it is harmful to stay in Bhujang Asana while the body is suffering uncomfort or pain.


Benefits of bhujang asana or Cobra Pose


  1. Regular use of Bhujang Asanas helps women in problems related to the menstrual cycle. And reproductive diseases also disappear.
  2. Performing Bhujang asana strengthens the backbone. Constipation is cured, the gas problem disappears. The digestive system is strong, and excess fat stored in the stomach also goes away. By doing this exercise in the morning every day, the reed bone becomes elastic.
  3. Bhujang asana is beneficial for the patient. Other common diseases of the throat also disappear with the use of Bhujang asana.
  4. By performing Bhujangasana, the kidneys and liver remain healthy. And if a person has suffered from kidney, liver or stomach related diseases, then by performing Bhujang asana, those diseases disappear. This asana also increases the immunity power of the body.
  5. People who sit and work all day increase excess fat around the abdomen and waist. If such people do Bhujang Asanas every day, then fat can be reduced rapidly.
    Bhujangasana improves breathing pattern.


Caution in bhujangasana


  • Adopt a person who performs Bhujang posture, while lifting the front part of the body from the ground and bringing it down, and it is very important to make sure that the palms of both their hands have the same force.
  • While doing Bhujang asana, do not shrink both your shoulders. Keep the shoulders spread as much as possible. And keep relaxing. While doing this asana, keep the posture happy.
  • Feel the joy of the posture and do not use excessive force beyond the limits of the body.
  • Severe back injury / serious back pain should be done only after the advice of the doctor. This posture should not be done if you suffer from stomach pain. By jerking the back and head should not bend backwards.
  • The patient of hernia should not do “Bhujang” posture at all. Ulcer patients should also not do Bhujang asana. Pregnant women should not use Bhujang asana. Women should not do this asana practice even during the menstrual cycle. If any type of surgery is done on the body, do this asana only after the advice of the doctor.


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