Murchha is commonly called fainting (unconsciousness) in English. This pranayama is done by a good trainer. Murchha Pranayama is performed by those who specialize in doing other Pranayam. People who do this pranayama live a life of comfort and enthusiasm for a long time.

In this article, the methods of Murchha Pranayama have been explained in detail and at the same time, there has been a lot of information about the benefits of this.


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Benefits of Murchha Pranayama

The advantages of Murchha Pranayama are as follows –

  • This pranayama calms the body.
  • This increases mental energy.
  • By doing this pranayama, the brain and body become full of enthusiasm.
  • It gives relief from stress, anxiety, anger and mental illness.

Ways of doing pranayama

Here we are going to explain the way of performing Prancha Pranayam, read it carefully –

  • First of all, sit in a comfortable posture like Padmasana or Siddhasana.
  • Keep head and waist straight. Relax the whole body.
  • Keep breathing slowly.
  • Now, while bending the head slightly backwards, inhale slowly with both nasal pores with Ujjayi
  • Pranayama. Keep the eyes open.
  • While pressing the knees with the hands, keep the elbows straight, extending the elbows.
  • Hold the breath in as much as possible.
  • Release the breath while loosening the hands. Close the eyes and slowly straighten the head again.
  • Let the whole body rest for a while, keeping the eyes closed.
  • Experience lightness and peace in body and mind.


What precautions should be taken in performing Pranayam

This Pranayam is not made for everyone. Just do the same people who do all kinds of pranayama very well. People who have mental condition or high blood pressure problem, do not do pranayama too. Also keep in mind that to do this pranayama, take the help of a good trainer.


Pranayama is generally considered to be a process of breath control. It seems right after seeing the practice done in Pranayama, but the truth behind it is something else. Pranayama is made up of a combination of two words: prana and Ayam. Prana means vital energy or life force. The power that exists in all things, whether it is alive or inanimate. Through Pranayama breathing, this energy is transmitted to all the nerves of the body. The word Yama means to control and in yoga, it is used to denote various rules or ethos. But in the word Pranayama, the treaty of Aayam, not Yama, is done with Pran. Aayam means extension or extension. So that’s why pranayama rightly means expanding the life.


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