Ayurveda and Yoga: the sister sciences

The Ayurvedic therapist, explains in this article the relationship between Ayurveda and yoga, and why they are considered sister sciences?



Years ago, Yoga arrived in the West and came to stay. And today there are many people who practice it and enjoy its benefits.

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Little by little, Ayurveda is also entering the West, celebrities such as Miguel Bosé, Steve Jobs, Julia Roberts, Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow … have made more people know Ayurveda. I am sure that he has also come to stay, if he is more than 5000 years old and has maintained so much time something has, don’t you think?

And it is that Ayurveda is the oldest and most complete holistic medical system in the world recognised by WHO for its effectiveness. To many people, the word Ayurveda sounds like a type of massage, or they don’t know it completely …

So today I have decided to break myths and talk about what Ayurveda really is, the marriage or brotherhood you have with yoga.

I did not know Ayurveda until I turned 30 (and ten years ago), in fact, the first year I went to India to perform an Ayurveda treatment (without knowing anything) I was fascinated.

In Kerala, I kept asking the Vaidya ( doctors ) questions to know how it worked, what they did to me, what was happening to me.

And they answered me with smiles accompanied by the traditional movement of the head from side to side that left me quite puzzled and unanswered ;-).

But it was when I started reading books and when I started studying Ayurveda when I told myself .. but how could they explain all this to me in a moment? Being something so big, complete and yet simple, making sense of everything in this life!

So today, writing these lines is not an easy task. Summarise Ayurveda in a few lines, honour it and make it known so that it can resonate with you and accompany you more on your wonderful journey of life.

And I say accompany you more because you may not know it, but Ayurveda is already present in your life, you practice Ayurveda when:

  • you do yoga
  • You listen to your body and act accordingly.
  • You have a positive attitude,
  • You live in the present, loving and accepting yourself as you are.
  • You laugh out loud at how much fun you have when you meet that friend that you want to see so much but for years that you didn’t have. And now if, without further ado .. there I face the challenge with enthusiasm.


Ayurveda and yoga are considered sister sciences and the two have the same origin; they come from the Vedas (the oldest known writings in the world, originating in India).

The yoga focuses on the part spiritual l, through the asanas, pranayama .. We help release body and facilitate connection or union with our being.

Do you not feel the same before starting the yoga class than when you leave? It is very likely that when you leave, you will feel much calmer, serene and with more focus.

And Ayurveda focuses more on the body part, on preventing diseases and healing the physical and mental body. Why?

To live life to be in our state of natural balance (with health) and thus facilitate the connection with our being and the universe.

Yoga and Ayurveda, in addition to having the same origin, also have a common purpose. This purpose or objective can be defined as the self-realisation or illumination of our being, being, connecting with our essence. In short, being authentic and letting our inner light and magic shine and share. Enjoy everyday life with meaning.

Whether you practice Ayurveda or if you practice yoga, you will see that it is not about looking for the goal, forget about the goal! It is about enjoying every day living the present in tune, enjoying the path.

As you can see, Ayurveda and yoga, (in the end they are like two sides of the same coin), work together for the same goal. They complement each other, go hand in hand for the same purpose.

And how does Ayurveda do it? What does it consist of?


Ayurveda and yoga


1.- The Universe is divided into five elements (what is known as Panchamahabhutas ); these elements are ether, air, water, fire and earth. And the five elements are also present in our organism; they combine together forming the doshas.

Because everything in the universe is also in ourselves, we are all part of the same Universe.

There are three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha :

  • Vata is a combination of the ether and air elements.
  • Pitta is composed of fire and water.
  • Kapha composed of water and earth. Each of us has the three doshas present in his organism, but not all of us have them in the same proportion. And doshas are also present in everything, the seasons of the year, in the hours of the day, in food, etc.

2.- It is to maintain our percentage of every twoha which gives us our state of natural balance (well-being and health).

The percentage of doshas in us is easily altered with seasonal changes, eating habits, work, stress. The important thing is to know each other to know how each dosha works in us and thus do the necessary actions to keep them in our proportion (which it is considered our natural balance).

To live a life in tune with our nature through the same nature, we are all part of a whole, and the whole is in ourselves.

3.- The tools that Ayurveda gives us to achieve it are several: daily routines, food, herbs, massages, yoga, meditation, attitude, aromas, colours.

The power is innate in us, and each person is unique and has its own path.

Has it ever happened to you that you have tried a diet that people speak wonders but that you have felt fatal? This in Ayurveda is right, because we all have a different proportion of doshas and we need different things according to our proportion and circumstance.

For example, a person who is very Vata, and begins to eat everything from green juices, salads, cold foods, bitter, crispy … will make your Vata dosha increase, and this will surely make you feel more nervous, with less focus, going from one thing to another leaving things halfway.

In summary, one could say that: everything is for someone, but not everything works for everyone in the same way.

During the day there are many decisions you make like: what am I going to eat, connect to the computer or take the opportunity to meditate for 10 minutes, stay with such or put washing machines, get up or wait ten more minutes …

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And all the decisions and also the environment influence us to maintain or not our natural balance and with it our health. Ayurveda will help you to know yourself, to know how you work and thus make better decisions to feel better and enjoy your day to day.


Ayurveda and yoga


1.- Because it explains how to meet you and how to act in consonance to live in tune with your own nature and its cycles. What will bring you more well-being in your life and much more? And it gives you all the tools to get it.

2.- Because you will understand better everything that happens in you, how you feel and also what happens around you. It will make sense of many things in your life, and you will learn to be attentive, listen to yourself and prevent imbalances in you.

3.- Because it is an exciting path of self-discovery, reverie, and error, of learning. A life adventure, suitable only if you want to enjoy a more conscious life in tune. Ayurveda gives you the little actions to get it. A small action can bring a big change in you.

Do you dare?

I am in it, practising Ayurveda going at my own pace, experiencing, without being an extremist (Ayurveda is not), enjoying every day and sharing it …


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