Regardless of whether you practice yoga with or without a partner, ancient yoga teachings can greatly support and help maintain a healthy, positive and dynamic intimate relationship. Thousands of years ago, Patanjali created the Eight Yoga Limbs, of which today we can use the first limb or Yamas to help us experience an intimate relationship. Yamas embrace ethics and integrity in the way we practice yoga, both on and off the mat.

5 Things Yoga Can Teach You To Be In An Intimate Relationship

1. No harm

The opposite of harm is the energy of compassion. Intimate relationships will always be a kind of challenge and frustration that can trigger harmful, reactive behaviour. Bringing yoga into action outside the mat and in your relationship requires careful observation of those moments when the temperature of the relationship increases and compassion is carefully practised.

This is especially true for the things we say, the actions we take, and even the thoughts that accompany us. In emotional moments, observe your thoughts, words and actions. Take a deep breath, step back and compare with a perspective that is for the higher good and commitment of all.

2. Truthfulness

Truth leads to a deep quality of strength and integrity in a relationship. Truth is truth. Regardless of whether the lie you are saying is hiding something big or small, it still counts. Honesty requires courage and is not always comfortable. Take the risk of being honest instead of being comfortable to raise the foundation of a relationship of trust and goodness.

3. Full Presence

Given today’s hectic lifestyle, your valuable time spent together is more valuable than ever. Guidelines for getting rid of things that distract us reminds us that we should be fully present with our partner. Take small steps, such as putting your cellphone and computer in the bedroom to improve the quality of spending time together.

Set aside things that distract you and consider putting minor complaints aside to spend the most time with your partner. Save moments like time for dinner, bathing, going to bed as a sacred nook every day to show gratitude and share the love.

4. Temperance

Temperance or celibacy in ancient times referred to yogis and monks who had completely moved away from life’s pursuit. Nowadays abstinence means deep respect and pure use of sexual intimacy. Everything revolves around intention; as a couple, you create the intention of sexual love, which becomes a powerful, beautiful and transcendent form of communication in your relationship.

5. Not Building a Fortress

Everyone needs space. The ban on building fortresses encourages us to show that this place is safe to create in every relationship. Trends in an unhealthy relationship are the fear that the partner evolves by becoming a different person from what he is now. It is important to show the willingness to give your partner space to grow as a human being. Regardless of whether he is going to meditation therapy, he goes back to school or even goes to yoga.

Believe that a balanced space will provide more happiness and joy in your relationship.
Despite the fact that the teachings of Yamas are ancient, they are more relevant than ever to modern times. Ultimately, by introducing wisdom to our activities, we transformed not only our intimate relationships and ourselves but also the world around us.



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