In yoga practice, the teacher is your key to success – that is, discovering yourself. It is not without reason that yogis often refer to whom they learned from. A teacher’s perspective can open you to many things.
You can learn a lot from practising yoga. However, you can learn much more by teaching her. We can learn some things by talking to people. Others – we learn by observation, e.g. by looking at relationships in the surroundings, gestures, and facial expressions. And finally – we derive knowledge simply by being in different situations, supporting others and observing what will happen, what are the consequences of our actions and interactions with others.
You will discover that we are perfect, beautiful and wonderfully unique. You will come across some surprises and many “reminders” about what you already know. Here are some of my favourites.

1. Everyone sometimes thinks that something is wrong with him

Sometimes it’s about yoga: I’m too big or too small for it, too old … Too short, too tall. I am not flexible. My hips are weird. I have a funny elbows!
Sometimes it is about other areas of life: I have to wait to do some other things first; I am not ready yet.
In any case, don’t wait. Do good things, do them your way in your body and do them … today! Your body is perfect, beautiful, wonderful. And you are ready now.

Things I Learned About People Teaching Yoga

2. How we are doing yoga is an indicator of how we are doing everything

Yoga is also work and practice of approach to life. Thanks to it we also practice “how we want to live”. If you want freedom, practice freedom. If you want to be happy, practice happiness. Sounds easy because it’s easy.

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3. There is a difference between choosing the easier way and being lazy

Going the easy way you still do the work. Don’t give up, but don’t push harder where you find resistance. Move so that you feel good and be careful to gradually expand the territory. Eventually, you’ll find a way around and resistance will subside. It’s good not only for you but also for your surroundings.

4. Focusing on positions makes it increasingly difficult to accept them

Focusing on your own feelings will make getting into the next yoga positions easier. When you are tuned internally, positions are no longer an obstacle.

5. You are the best in the world in being … yourself!

No one can compete with you in being … you, but only if you focus on it. All amazing things happen when people discover what they already have and are good at it.

6. We are very similar to each other

We all have this amazing human body.

7. We are very flexible

What may appear to be suffering at first will quickly become part of our routine. We can also adapt to happiness. We can practice being free and wonderful in our yoga practice. Happiness can eventually become our routine.

8. The biggest challenges we face are not posed by our bodies, but beliefs

What do you think about yourself and what you can or cannot do? What do you think about the world? The greatest possibilities are here now. Change your beliefs first, maybe thanks to this you will change your life? (It will happen, but instead of convincing you, I want you to experience it.)

Things I Learned About People Teaching Yoga

9. Our yoga reflects our worldview

The way you move on the mat is a reflection of what you feel towards yourself and the world around you. Maybe you think life is hard, but you don’t give up and fight. Then your yoga also becomes a fight. Perhaps you think that you get the best things in life through peace and understanding, not war. Then your yoga should also be calm.

10. Push against challenges does not work

Move freely around them – quite the opposite.

11. Nobody will know better than you how you feel

You are the world’s largest expert on your subject. Some people practice following other people’s footsteps – that’s fine too. However, real success is achieved by those who find their own unique way to practice.

12. When you feel good, you become your best doctor

When you feel stressed or tired, it is much harder to make the right health choices. Well-being is the best goal you can set for yourself. Most people come to the yoga room because they want to feel good. However, when classes start, their purpose often changes. It can be burning calories, shaping the figure or mastering a new asana.
The point is, your body is much smarter than those original goals. It doesn’t have to be forced, it just needs your support. When you support the body calmly, instead of pressing it hard, you will feel good.

13. Everyone has the right to feel good at the moment

No matter where you have been or where you are now. Or where you think you can reach – there is strength in each of us. There is always something that makes you feel good. Breathe deeply, relax, move easily.


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